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Felix Pedro is a daredevil, ten years ago he embarked on a mission to start an unique coffee farm. For him to accomplish that mission he did with few others have done: start a farm on a mountain where no one else cultivates coffee. Cerro Chirinagua looks over Jinotega, these peaks are infamous for rough winds and cold nights.

Another disadvantage of this mountain is the lack of water, hence the wetmill is in the nearby Pueblo Nuevo. The 2017-2018 crop marks the first year Felix has a particular focus on specialty coffee. Both the micro climate and the varieties grown on the farm have showed great potential for specialty coffee. By entering this new market Felix also hopes to improve his income. The fact that he has won first place in his local coop gives him the confidence that he will. 


We roast to order on Monday and vacuum packed.

The coffee is roasted with a lighter color than the espresso.
Designed for filter extraction in order to highlight all its taste notes.