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Moplaco is an exceptional farm located in the heart of Ethiopia in the Yirgacheffe mountain region, undoubtedly one of the best coffee growing regions. You already know this farm because our coffeehunter Jordan Dabov shook hands with the farmer's owner - Heleanna Georgalis, as early as 2015 when he brought Moplako's first specialty coffee in Bulgaria. Yirgacheffe's coffees are famous for their sweetness and floral aroma, as well as a well-balanced, creamy body. Moplaco is located at 1700 - 2000 meters above sea level, providing a perfect balance between the temperature and the amount of rainfall the coffee bush needs.

The processing is natural - hand-picked and dried on African beds. Heleanna Georgalis, as her name suggests, is Greek, and she inherited the farm from her parents and continues their hard work and makes their dreams come true. She has encouraged her workers to be incredibly careful and to immerse themselves in their work from cherries picking through processing and drying. Heleanna's farm presents a complete process in which there are a clear and accentuated methodology and precision of work, which are also evident in coffee. We have bought the Moplaco coffee through Direct Trade - it is when the roaster meets with the producer and purchases the coffee from him on the basis of a contract and handshake, and then goes back to the roastery to roast the coffee for the first time.


We roast to order on Monday and vacuum packed.

The coffee is roasted with a lighter color than the espresso.
Designed for filter extraction in order to highlight all its taste notes.