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Barokah Cooperative
Located 7 hours drive hours from the city of Padang in the kayo Aro District of West Sumatra this coffee comes from small coffee gardens CO.25ha — 2Ha) which sit in the shadow of the beautiful kerinci Volcano on the edge of the Rerinci National Park home to the endangered Sumatran Tiger. The people who inhabit this region are originally from the island of Java and migrated to this region tin the 1960's as part of a Government program looking to spread people to available land to farm. There are large Government tea plantations that dominate the landscape and it is only recently that coffee over the past seven years that coffee has been grown here alongside more traditional rice and vegetables.
The Barokah Cooperative have been established since 2011 and currently have 250 members farming 80Ha of Coffee Gardens who are spread amongst 6 villages in the area where they produce annually about 35 — 40 tons of coffee. Each of the collection points has its own pulping and collection point who receive the cherry from the local farmers. Here the coffee is floated and separated before being pulped and fermented for between 12 — 36 hours depending on the weather and then laid out to dry in the greenhouses to dry for 2 — 3 days before it is then transferred to the main collection point where Triyono the had of the cooperative can control the final drying in the larger greenhouse of the next 7 10 days until the moisture reaches 11%. After this the coffee is then stored in plastic lined bags to help protect the coffee before it is milled and then eventually sent to Medan for export.


We roast to order on Monday and vacuum packed.

The coffee is roasted with a lighter color than the espresso.
Designed for filter extraction in order to highlight all its taste notes.