YCC is the freshest and more innovative Italian brand of Specialty Coffee production.
We are a team in growth that joins Coffee experts with different backgrounds, each one with qualified training formation and long job experience.

The project was born in 2015 by two young Coffee lovers that really want to materialize their competences and to creat their own business.
"The meaning of love Coffee is the desire to be familiar with it deeply, to taste all its aspects and to make it more than a simple daily energy dose. To love Coffee means to respect its times and to have the ability to recognize the result. It’s dedication and perseverance".

But in 2016 the company is only ideal: it needs partners as willing as the promoters, expensive investments, perseverance and more bravery if we wants to fulfil the dream.

In 2017 we are ready to begin: we have a name that expresses our philosophy (in English because we are borderless), lot of knowledge to employ and a mission to achieve.

In 2018 we come out: we collect your feedbacks, we perfect some details, we modify and increase the product until it really seems to us. And here we are: original, authentic and after hard work for a long time we are perfect cooked, founder members included!